I'd Rather Be at the Beach

i'd rather be at the beach wallpaper | honestly, b.

I have the beach and vacation on my mind! We are leaving for Florida tomorrow and I can't wait to get some sunshine and warmth! It's been so cold here on the east coast lately. Download this wallpaper if you have the beach on your mind, too! xx

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PS: I know I've been having so many freebies on the blog lately! I promise to start having more of a variety of content in the near future! 


i'd rather be at the beach wallpaper | honestly, b.

Black & White Flowers Print

flowers print | honestly, b.

It's always interesting to see how flowers will come out when they're scanned; the outcome is always a little different each time. I especially love the flower above with a couple of the petals bent in. Having flowers around the house is a must for me, and since I get so sad when they start to wilt, this is a perfect way to keep them living on :) Hope you enjoy this print!

Download 5x7 print

Floral Wallpaper for Your Phone

floral wallpaper | honestly, b.

I love playing with hue in Photoshop. Originally this was black leaves with red flowers, but once I started experimenting with the hue settings, I really loved how this looked! A little spring-inspired wallpaper for your phones :)

Download below.

floral wallpaper | honestly, b.

Easy DIY Dinner Place Cards

DIY place cards | honestly, b.

With Easter coming this weekend, I wanted to share a super simple, minimalistic and beautiful place card option. I've been obsessed with these greens, but have no idea what they're called! Whenever I get them at Whole Foods they are just in a bin labeled "mixed greens".

DIY place cards | honestly, b.
DIY place cards | honestly, b.

All you need is a green, leafy plant and a white gel pen.

DIY place cards | honestly, b.

Write your guests' names in any style you'd like. Place on cloth napkin or next to their plateβ€”be creative!

Wishing you all a Happy Easter and great weekend! xx

Botanic Imprints

I've been super into drawing botanicals lately! When I experimented combining these illustrations with acrylic brush strokes, I realized they look almost like imprints.

Click on the images to download them as prints if you'd like!